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Accountant & Financial Consultant

Meet Alyson

In 2021 my husband and I had our son George. Leading up to his birth I planned to take 6 weeks for maternity leave, maybe even check some emails during those 6 weeks, and then return to my corporate job. I still shake my head at how naïve I was! George arrived and my first thought was that 6 weeks was not going to be enough time. I decided to take 3 months of maternity leave and at the end of those 3 months I realized that my corporate job was not the fit for me and my family. Over the next two years, I worked part-time and while I loved being able to make an impact and the flexibility it allowed, I couldn't shake the feeling that there was another way I could make an even larger impact for so many more small businesses. After some soul searching, lots of podcasts, and several business idea sharing sessions, I created Rooted Vitality Consulting. My mission is to empower clients to give renewed vitality to their business and make business decisions rooted in transparent financial information. 

Now, for the important part. Why should you trust me to help with the finances of your business? I graduated with honors from the University of Nebraska at Omaha with my Bachelors Degree in Accounting. Upon graduation I went to work at one of the largest public accounting firms in the US and worked in several industries including healthcare. After lots of hours and traveling, I left to work in accounting at a large, healthcare organization in Omaha. While working there, I received my MBA from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. I continue to work part-time in accounting and now have over 13 years of accounting and finance experience. I've worked with countless companies, both large and small, to consult on accounting, financial reporting, and financial analysis. I've watched how important it is to have transparent, accurate, timely and easy to understand financial information and I want to help you achieve that for your business. 

The Krings Family
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