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Wooden Desk

See How We Can Help You!

Accounting & Bookkeeping

The most requested service! I handle the financial details of recording transactions, reconciling bank statements, invoicing, collections, paying bills, and processing payroll. Let me save you time so you can focus on your passion, running your business.

Risk Analysis

Let's check the financial wellness of your business! I will assess your processes, identify risk points and work with you to put in place controls. This will ensure you are minimizing risk while still meeting your business goals. 

Financial Analysis & Reporting

Are you spending too much time trying to understand your business's financial information? I can generate easy-to-use financial reports and perform analysis to help you understand how your business is doing at any given time.

Financial Coaching

Do you want to increase your own financial literacy? Do you like being hands on and in the details but don't have the accounting knowledge to know where to start? I will set up an individualized coaching program to help you feel comfortable in managing your business's finances. 

Budgeting & Financial Forecasting

Do you struggle to make business decisions because you are unsure how it will affect your bottom line? I can help you create a realistic budget, track your actual results against the budget and help with financial forecasting of potential business decisions.  

What will this cost you?

We will go over the cost of services during our initial consultation. The cost is based on a set hourly rate and the scope of the work. I will put together a contract after our initial consultation for you to sign which will document the cost of the work. The contract will be amended for any additional work that may be added. Our goal is to provide services that make sense for your business and prevent surprise charges. 

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